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What we do

IT Coaching

We make small and medium businesses fit for the digital age - in a step-by-step transformation.


Whether business processes, equipment, public image or identity: We scrutinize and update everything!

Already digital? Good! We support internet companies and developers in developing their services and products.

We train personnel, optimize tool chains and update the branding of the company.


Outdated or incomplete information systems? Do not worry. We have prepared an individual solution for the modernization of any existing business environment.


Trust in 15 years of experience!

What we believe


Knowledge and Skills are the Major Currencies

Competent and well trained employees are an important basis for any business. It is equally important to be able to access existing knowledge in the company at any time. We pay with knowledge and skill.


Digital Lead = Business Lead

On all transactions in today's enterprise digital systems are involved. Most of them with large potential for optimization.


Companies are like Plants: They grow out from the Core, not from the Leaf

We always first try to improve things in the core, before we tackle the external details.


Data is the Blood of all Digital Businesses

Data is valuable as well as dangerous, worthy of protection. We have a passion for data protection, data security and data usage, simultaneously.


The Human is the Measure of Good Design

Most of the machines and systems are used by people. Therefore, the creator of those machines should look at the needs and desires of the people that serve them.


Positive Visibility and Good Products lead to long-term Success

Good marketing works best with good products. We strive with you to achieve the two together!

How we work

Development Quality Assurance Technical Operations DevOps

In our workshops, we try the respective background of the participants to consider in order to respond better to individual questions and requirements.

In the field of IT coaching and development, we adhere to modern DevOps principles, work on demand but also by classic project strategies.

What we don't do

We are no corporate consultants.

We believe that the objectives and product strategies should always occur within the company, not by outside consultants.


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